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So we have been nominated for ANOTHER award !!!!!


DJ Keithley after winning his recent award for 

Outstanding Contribution To Music !!!

           London's Award Winning Community Radio Station - established 1991 to the present day - 

invites you to listen out for some of the best DJ's

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Share your story, your local and your national community activities, updates and information.


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Calling all artists, promoters, business managers and community leaders .... remember, around nine out of ten people in the UK listen to radio at least once a week.

Radio advertising is one of the most affordable and lucrative methods to reach people.

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You're Welcome !

Our very first show was on 23rd February 1991 !

STUDIO NUMBER - 07539 064390



Buy your tickets and tell a friend to bring a friend...Enjoy x
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                                                   Station FM are very pleased to be associated with

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